Type: Condominium
City: Milan
Total area: 65-419 sq.m.
Bedroom: 1-4 Bedrooms

The project was born in innovation and traditional twentieth Century,Compound mode of residence to redefine the standard of home style. Camberley is located in the platinum Montegani street, located in the district center, it is a philosophy of the concept of compliance with building. Design details, the perfect combination of aesthetics and residential functions.

The design concept of the project is to improve people’s lives by the ultimate pursuit of the details. This avant-garde design represents an aesthetic and functional concept of perfectionism: each part of the whole house is considered to provide convenience to life, or the absolute elegance and comfort.

Condominium layout, including the different types of condominium,from one bedroom to the top floor, offices, commercial space, garage and parking spaces.

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