Type: Villa
City: Limassol
Building area: 255-2,290 sq.m.
Total land: 2,580-8,840 sq.m.
Price: Starting from 2,520,000 Euro
Bedroom: 4-5 Bedrooms

The project is surrounded by pine trees and olive trees with very fresh air, ecological friendly living environment, backed by green mountains, facing a beautiful sea and amazing views.

Outdoor is decorated with pure stones built to encourage the sense of wealth. Outer area grows lots of trees, making the landscape more diverse and luxurious.

The Villa indoor is an opened-bar, just a place for night time relaxing, having a drink along with a good conversation or just appreciate the greeneries.

– 15 minute drive from downtown
– 14 minutes away from the city’s biggest shopping center
– The famous Curium beach is just 9 minutes from the location, nearby are Water World and private school
– Takes about 15 minute drive too Limassol Port, hotel

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