Type: Condominium
City: Paphos
Total area: 241-460 sq.m.
Price: Starting from 1,980,000 Euro
Bedroom: 2-4 Bedrooms

Interior has a semi-open viewing platform, all-wood decor, connected with the living room, an entire wall to ceiling windows set to ensure the lighting and ventilation, can take a sunbath in year-round sunshine in the Mediterranean. Large living room design, you can enjoy the simulated game room and activity area, to meet the needs of the various parties

Equipped with large swimming pool, children’s entertainment, unique and innovative design, abundant species within the project garden, and large public spaces.

Owners enjoy value-added services:
– 24 hours a day Reception
– Private chef
– Massage and Spa
– Personal trainers and yoga classes
– Restaurant reservation
– Supply of food and wine
– Car Rental
– Airport Shuttle
– Private Jet and helicopters
– Boat Rental

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